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Lacy is just like her name says, sophisticated and feminine. But she can go from sweet and demure to naughty and bold in an instant.


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Even her name sounds delectable. This warm chocolate dream will leave you begging for escorts in Vegas.


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Eva is always someone you’ll be proud to be seen with and even happier when you get her alone. She’s lively, clever, and dead sexy – a perfect combination.


Kyla is the kind of woman they write rock songs about. Her perfect blend of demure and bad girl makes her one of Vegas’s top escorts.


Rainy will shower you with sensual attention. With her sleek mane of dark hair and rocking body, she’ll leave you feeling as invigorated and refreshed as her name.


Kelly takes pride in being a true man’s woman. She’s both beautiful and witty, and always seems to know just what her company needs and wants.


While her eyes are arguably her most striking feature, Lindsay also has the crackling personality and sense of Las Vegas fun to go with her good looks.

ruthShe isn’t as innocent as her name sounds. Ruth is the escort that can easily transform herself from an outdoors woman to the life of any party.


With her always looking like she just stepped off the runway, Sam is a jaw dropping stunner with a sexy attitude to complete the package.


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One look at luscious Las Vegas escorts like Veronica and you’ll be hooked. With her drop dead good looks and electric vibe, she’s the one you’ll always remember.


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Even her name makes you think of sultry breezes and warm waters. Her exotic appeal is legendary, and she’s the pinnacle of Las Vegas escorts.



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Gabrielle is one of those deservedly famous girls who is always game for any kind of fun. She’ll make any event or occasion come to life.


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